About Greater Good Inc

Greater Good Inc. provides a comprehensive resource to business people and professionals who want to reach out to the wider community. With 100% media coverage, you can take advantage of our cost-effective and comprehensive network to maximize exposure.

Our Workteam

Evan Leong

Evan Leong is the Co-Founder and CEO of two distinguished companies in Hawaii: Greater Good Inc and Bubble Tea Supply.
   Kari Leong

A working mother and accomplished business woman, today Kari Leong is busy concepting and building support for a new community-centered radio show, Greater Good Radio.

Dante Virgil Palma

a.k.a. Dan-Gil, is Greater Good Inc.’s multimedia content engineer.
   Edgardo Patron Jr.

Edgardo Patron Jr., or Jay-R as he is more commonly known, is Greater Good Inc.’s resident writer. Jay-R joined the team in January 2006 as a fresh graduate.

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